Why is 64th Avenue being improved?

East of Newt Drive, 64th Avenue has a storm drain system with curb and gutter.  There are also sidewalks on both sides.  West of Newt Drive, the road narrows and has ditches and culverts for drainage.  There are no pedestrian sidewalks or pathways along this section.  There has been a history of maintenance problems with the drainage pipes and culverts in this area.  During spring break up, ponding on the street occurs due to ice, blocked culverts, and crushed drainage pipes. 
Settling, cracking, and sink-holes appear in the roadway which require frequent “patch” repairs. The pavement is also deteriorating and crumbling, especially west of Newt Drive.
Neighborhood children attend three elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.  This means there are multiple bus routes along 64th Avenue.  Without continuous sidewalks, students are required to wait adjacent to the road, along the dirt shoulders.

What are the current Municipality of Anchorage standards for 64th Avenue?  The Municipality of Anchorage must follow adopted plans, policies, and laws regarding public safety and roadway improvements.  Improvements must have:

When will construction end?  Construction will be completed during the summer of 2016.

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